Welcome to Long Beach Republicans 
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Nestled under the Palos Verdes Peninsula and just 22 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, you'll find
Los Angeles County's rich treasure, Long Beach.  Home to 450,000 diverse people within 50 square miles,
Long Beach is a community that is passionate about its "home town" and its political leaders. 

Welcome to Long Beach Republicans
We are a group of Republicans who believe that together we can truly make a difference by helping
elect local, state and national leaders who will reflect our core values, that of:  Faith, Freedom and
Personal Responsibility.  It is our hope that you will find this website valuable and that you will join us in
the effort to promote and elect Republican leaders to City Hall, Sacramento and Washington D.C. 

God bless you and God bless America!

Photos from City of Long Beach website.  http://www.longbeach.gov/

Be sure to attend our upcoming "Fun"raiser at the beautiful Forbidden City
Restaurant in Marina Pacifica tomorrow, August 19th from 6-8pm.  We are
holding events to help our audience meet our local Candidates.  They need our
strong support to battle against opposition Candidates who are well funded by
powerful union dollars.  Please come to meet two of our local candidates. 
Andy Whallon, Candidate for U.S. Congress 47th District and Steve Napolitano,
Candidate for 4th District Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.  Please rsvp to info@longbeachrepublicans.org.  See you there!


2014 PUBLIC EVENTS & ACTIVITIES (so you know what we do)

  • 2014 VICTORY KICKOFF – “ENERGIZING YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY”:  1/15/14 at the Petroleum Club in Long Beach.  Over a dozen candidates spoke briefly, approx. 100 attendees, and approx. 20 volunteers recruited for various candidates.

  • 2014 LBARP AND REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS GRAND OPENING: 2/6/14 at 5470 E. 2nd St., Long Beach (Naples area). Over 100 people in attendance As well as most state and local candidates. Precinct Captain operations and volunteers were promoted.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD VOLUNTEER TRAINING NIGHT:  3/20/14 at LBARP HQ.  Nearly a dozen non-candidate-specific volunteers attended and received training.

  • VOTER SLATE CARDS were created, email blasted and given to volunteers during April city primary, June state primary and November election cycles. LBARP also posted candidates on our website and Facebook pages. Related, LBARP took lead in informing/coordinating with Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) the eventual legal rebuttal to the misleading Democrat controlled slate card mailer that showed some Democrat candidates to be Republicans in the April primary.  LBARP also exposed via email blasts and postings the existence of this misleading effort.

  • LBARP ANNUAL RED, WHITE AND BLUE BBQ/FUNDRAISER:  5/15/14 at the Big Tent in El Dorado Park, Long Beach.  Jim Brulte, California Republican Party (CRP) Chair, was keynote speaker.
  • Candidates also spoke briefly including gubernatorial and state and local, approx. 120 attendees, even with the blistering heat that night.


    POLL WORKER TRAINING:  LBARP HQ, 5/31/14, coordinated by Bill  Thomas and conducted by Linda Paine of Election Integrity Project.

  • ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL Candidates Forum/Volunteer Recruitment for November election:  8/14/14 at Best Western Golden Sails on PCH in Long Beach.  Great turnout of statewide and local candidates and over 100 attendees, volunteer signups staffed by candidates.

  • HEADQUARTERS GRAND RE-OPENING.  Joint LBARP and John Goya for 70th State Assembly campaign HQ on 9/9/14 at Naples location.  LBARP had to re-open this location after closing it down for landlord’s needs after June election. Good attendance again.

  • Voter Slate Card email blasts and distribution to walkers continued through the Fall campaign, as well as continued individual and volunteer efforts such as precinct walking, phone calling, volunteer coordination, etc. to help get Republican candidates elected.


Our Mission Statement

To inform the public about political issues and candidates through education and activities.

To further the cause of responsible, limited government at local, state and national levels.

To facilitate cooperation among Republicans and promote the principles of the Republican Party.

To organize and maintain a Precinct Captain operation to elect Republican candidates and to oppose or support ballot propositions.

To maintain a headquarters to serve as a Republican resource center for State and National elections.


"There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect."

                    - Ronald Reagan

"Man is not free unless government is limited."

                    - Ronald Reagan 


A Republican Platform for Long Beach
Have you ever wondered what Republicans believe in?

Abraham Lincoln, our country's first Republican President, provided the foundation for our beliefs:
  • Equal justice, equal rights and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin
  • Good government is based on the individual and each person's ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized.

We are committed to improving the quality of life in Long Beach by promoting leadership that will work. We want reasonable taxes, minimal government regulation and local control over city programs and services. The City must provide efficient and economical services. Our children deserve a top quality public education system. We must improve economic opportunity, promote personal and social responsibility and ensure the health and safety of all residents and visitors to our City.

We promote the following:

  • Safety of all Citizens - the effective and efficient delivery of public safety services shall be the first priority of the City.
  • Quality Education - challenge our Long Beach schools to be the nation's best and develop students that can compete successfully in a changing world.
  • Economic Opportunity - support a business friendly environment to improve the local economy and create good jobs.
  • Environmental Responsibility - encourage the development of green belts, open space, wild-life habitat, and park and recreation areas for the beautification and environmental improvement of the area and the enjoyment of the people.
  • Honest Effective Government - demand that responsive accountable leadership conduct business openly, encourage public participation, and serve the community with integrity.
  • Personal Responsibility - encourage honesty, respect, courage, integrity, and compassion.

Will you work with us to achieve these objectives?

Join us. Be an active Republican that makes a difference!

Contact us to join and volunteer.




We are a group dedicated to help make the conservative vote relevant again in Long Beach and California.  We live in a political climate where predominately one voice is heard which means that only one point of view is expressed in our public policy.  In a democracy, all citizens deserve to have their point of view heard.  In fairness, we strive to have a proportionate influence in the government that determines how we live our lives and run our businesses. 

Be active, be part of our "change".  Please contact us at
info@longbeachrepublicans.org to join us.  With your help, we can make our voices heard in the government that determines YOUR future. 

                                   *  *  *  *  *  *  *

                     Board of Directors

Peter Sovich, Chair

Dorothy Kistler, First Chair, Membership

Andy Whallon, Second Vice Chair Precinct Captain/Volunteers

Donna Bennett, Treasurer

Bianca Sovich, Recording Secretary

Michele Morris, Parliamentarian

Board Members at Large

John Goya, RPLAC/AD 70 Liaison

Alice Markle, Precinct Operations

Kevin Myers, Technology

Shirley Thomas, Correspondence Secretary

During election years we open our Headquarters in the city and a Sunday booth at the Marina Pacifica Market to support our candidates. Click on our "CALENDAR" button to learn more about the LBARP Red Booth.   

Contact Information:
562-424-1246    2201-D N. Lakewood Blvd. POB 238 Long Beach, CA  90815


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