We wish you and those you love a blessed and enjoyable Memorial Day celebration. We encourage you to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live a life of freedom.


         But, freedom is not free, and it isn’t permanent. This prohibitive lockdown reminds us just how precious it is. We tend to forget to appreciate what we have until it’s lost - and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to freedom. Keep vigilant of potential tyranny of socialistic policies and that this pandemic doesn’t give blue legislators any excuse to create permanent policies to limit our freedom. The answer? We need more conservative representation in all of our halls of power.


         Happily, two legislative seats were recently won right here in blue California. One seat is Congressional District 25 in the Santa Clarita area by Mike Garcia against a heavily financed opponent in a deep blue district that hasn’t seen freedom red in many, many years. What does this tell us? It tells us that voters are feeling a heavy hand on our every movement by temporary socialistic style policies and are finally ready to take back California by voting for a conservative candidate.


         But there is a big need: the seat Congressman Garcia filled was vacated by Democrat Katie Hill which means he’ll have to campaign all over again in November. We encourage every one of you to consider supporting his campaign. You can bet he’s going to be the bullseye on DNC’s target so he’ll need money to fight. Below is the link to his campaign’s website. Peter and I just contributed using the link - even though we don’t live in his Congressional District. We hope you do too.




We look forward to resuming our programming and hope to gather in person at the Gaslamp Restaurant in Long Beach for the sure to be exciting Presidential Debates that you do not want to miss.  As soon as we learn of the City’s green light to resume life and the debate schedule, we will email you with dates and times.


-Bianca Sovich

Board Recording Secretary

Long Beach Area Republicans




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