We promote the following:


Safety of all Citizens - the effective and efficient delivery of public safety services shall be the first priority of the City.

Quality Education - challenge our Long Beach schools to be the nation's best and develop students that can compete successfully in a changing world.

Economic Opportunity - support a business friendly environment to improve the local economy and create good jobs.

Environmental Responsibility - encourage the development of green belts, open space, wild-life habitat, and park and recreation areas for the beautification and environmental improvement of the area and the enjoyment of the people.

Honest Effective Government - demand that responsive accountable leadership conduct business openly, encourage public participation, and serve the community with integrity.

Personal Responsibility - encourage honesty, respect, courage, integrity, and compassion.

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Board of Directors

Peter Sovich


Dorothy Kistler

First Vice Chairperson


Bianca Sovich

Recording Secretary

Donna Bennett


Ben Goldberg

Vice Chairperson

Board Members at Large

Andy Whallon

Kyle St. Romain

Laura Brewer


P.O. Box 14746, Long Beach, CA  90853

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