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Precinct Captains:  Put Your Leadership Skills to Work - Be a Grass Roots leader – be a Precinct Captain - 
Information for Voter Registration, Polling Place Locator, Vote by Mail

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That's right, you will not be alone and you don’t have to do it all.  We, the Long Beach Republicans, and many other volunteers will be helping you at every turn.  Precinct Captains are asked to “Get out the Vote” and you will be given training and materials to help you.  Together, we will work together to gather, sort, organize and contact voters in your precinct.  These will be Republican and Independent voters who live nearby; some of them are already your friends and acquaintances!


Andy Whallon
Precinct Captain/




Did you know that a Precinct is a very small area in your own neighborhood - usually just a few blocks and you would be communicating with Republicans and Independents only? 

Sadly many no longer believe that “every vote counts” anymore, but no one can argue with the fact that
only those votes cast will be counted.  Elections have been won by just one vote per Precinct --- that is why getting our neighbors out to vote is the critical mission of every Precinct Captain.  We can change the results of elections. 
As a Precinct Captain, you will be a critical link between the election effort and the voters.


Your efforts will improve our country’s future - and cement America's destiny.  Volunteer to be a Precinct Captain. 


Email Andy or fill out your information below copy and and email to Andy or snail mail it to Long Beach Republicans, 2201 – D North Lakewood Blvd., Long Beach CA 90815


YOUR NAME_________________________________________________________________


CITY AND ZIP CODE__________________________________________________________


Need to register to vote Republican?  Here's your link:

Want to vote by Mail?  Here's how:

Want to find out where your polling place is?  
Look it up on

Our success in "Getting out the Vote" means we take an active role in who represents us in Long Beach, Sacramento and Washington D.C.  Here are some links to get you motivated to take YOUR active role in our representative government.  Please view these links provided to us by "WALKSHEET, Your Political Campaign Guide" developed by Randy Terrell.  We hope you find it as inspiring as we did!

The Gipper & The Duke discuss Precinct "Get Out The Vote" Strategies - way back when 

Wisconsin's elections board changes a key rule to open up more Wisconsin politicians to recall attempts
Fresh Off Recall Fever, State of Wisconsin Makes It Even Easier to Recall Electeds

Psychologiests at Stanford might have figured out a way to increase turnout by 10%
The Magic Words to Increase Voter Turnout?

Our first in a series that highlights winning mail - whether award winning or just plain election winning.
Check in for much more throughout the week!

Tom Reeves and Tim O'Reilly (Long Beach Republicans Vice-Chair) show
the Long Beach Precinct Map to our guests at our
2011 "Red, White & Blue" Western Bar-b-Que

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