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Look at our Facebook page to see more information at : https://www.facebook.com/Long-Beach-Area-Republican-Party-16820985123/
every Sunday during election years between 9:00 AM and NOON at our
Republican Information & Registration Booth
~  Marina Pacifica Farmers Market  ~
6584 East Marina Drive (Pacific Coast Highway at 2nd Street)
Casey Carver is once again showing a friendly, Republican face at a very popular and well-attended Farmers Market at the Alamitos Bay Marina.  Casey is very passionate about voter registration, showing a GOP presence in our town, and promoting the activities of the Long Beach Area Republican Party. 
He sets up his white canopy just outside the Farmers Market, in the parking lot near Joe’s Crab Shack (south of the market).  Volunteers, who have helped Casey in the past, really enjoyed greeting the public, handing out literature and, most importantly, registering Republicans. 
Casey will be there from 9 to noon, but you can set your own hours.  It’s fun and you will meet a lot of nice people.  Casey provides chairs for your comfort.  You can shop for fresh produce and have lunch at one of the fabulous nearby restaurants.  What’s not to like?
For more info or to join Casey, contact him at ccaseyacarver@aol.com 

  Gary DeLong visits Casey Carver and Volunteer at our booth 2012                      Casey with John Goya and Volunteers 2012

During the 2012 election season, Casey Carver erected the Red Canopy so that conservative minded citizens could have a place to get information, register to vote and generally connect with the Long Beach Area Republican Party.  The booth was seen each Sunday morning at the Marina Farmer's Market next to Joe's Crab Shack. Here are some pictures.
He provided California voter registration forms.  He will also offered space for any conservative candidate or group. There was a Democratic table inside of the farmer’s market which was paid for by the national Democratic Party. They gave out Obama/Biden yard signs, bumper stickers, and more. There is another ‘volunteer table” for Ron Paul. Our tables were not inside of the farmer’s market, and we did not pay a fee for displaying or distributing our information.   
If you want to join Casey, please send email him at Ccaseyacarver@aol.com.


Hilary Poochigian, Long Beach Republican Party's Chairman eyes the Straw Poll jars at the Jim Rogan Book Signing Bar-b-que event sponsored by the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly on August 21, 2011 at the Eva Jeffers' Estate in La Canada.  Rick Perry won the Straw Poll that day.  More pictures of the event below.

Misty Fraser, Nancy Sciortino             and Lydia Gutierrez at our 2011 Bar-b-que


Hilary and "Hispanic" Panel at Oct. 5 event
Hilary addresses Audience at "Hispanics" event
Teresa Hernandez discusses Immigration strategy

John Watkins introduces himself at Candidate for 4th Long Beach Council District

Suzette Martinez at "Hispanics" event
Peter and Bianca with the Straw Poll.  Romney Won the Straw Poll at "Hispanics" event
Hilary Poochigian, Linda Toomajian and Bianca Sovich. 
Hilary Poochigian gets his copy of "Catching our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment" by author, Jim Rogan

Peter Sovich meets his idol, Dennis Prager.  Dennis is accompanied by his wife Sue and fellow Talk Show host Mark Isler.
Bill Saracino holds the winning jar -  Rick Perry Wins the Straw Poll at the Jim Rogan Book Signing event in August 2011.

Linda Toomajian doing her Voter Registration thing at our "All Politics is Local" event 2010
Hilary Poochigian with Star Parker at "All Politics is Local"

Alex Burrola at podium at "All Politics is Local"
Casey Carver and Bianca Sovich at "All Politics is Local"

Tom Reeves, Connie Sziebl from Supervisor Don Knabe's office and Blake Christian at our "Red, White & Blue" bbq 2011
Tina Thompson, Star Parker, Peter Sovich, Linda Toomagian & Bianca Sovich at our "Red, White & Blue" bbq 2011

Tom and Donna Bennett at our "Red, White & Blue" bbq 2011
Anita Dougherty at our "Red, White & Blue" bbq 2011

Bianca Sovich, Anita Dougherty, Star Parker (then candidate for 37th Congressional District) and Maureen Baker at our "Red, White & Blue" bbq 2010
Tina Thompson and Martha Flores-Gibson candidate for 27th State Senate at our "Red, White & Blue" bbq 2011


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